You make the
world go round.

You’re a leader, mother, daughter, working professional, nonprofit champion, partner, colleague, and caregiver. From sun-up to sundown, you give to everyone around you - your boss, your partner, your kids, the carpool. Life is beautiful, busy, and full.

And still, you hear the whisper within to shift. To move from good (or good enough) to great. To go inward, dig deep, and move forward in the direction of your dreams. To uplevel, reclaim your purpose, and release your inner truth.

I’m here to tell you that it’s time, love.

The work is deep and transformative. It leverages small shifts in your trajectory to create massive ripples that flow into every area of your life.

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Nutrition. Spirituality. Money. Relationships.

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Danette Mertz

In the first session with Shelley, the pain in my neck dropped from a 10 to a 5, and continued to release over the next week to a level 2. The work was easy, the information was spot on and Shelly was an absolute professional and a delight to work with!! If you have a pain that you are ready to be rid of, give yourself the gift of healing and call Shelly, you will be glad you did!

Angela Porter

Shelly helped my very emotionally distraught dog with the Emotion Code process. After years of anxiety, one session in has left him relaxed and happy, I also feel a huge sense of peacefulness coming from him. He literally has a bounce in his step, and at 12.5 years old it’s more that I can ever ask for. Shelly can help with a vast array of issues -- there really is no limit as to what can potentially be overcome from having an Emotion Code session. Shelly is very intuitive and knows how to use her gift combined with her education to give you the very best personalized care. You will have weight lifted off your shoulders and the healing process begins immediately. Everyone can benefit and Shelly will make sure you get the very best care

Christine Oke

My session with Shelly was amazing! I find it fascinating and reassuring that she could identify and clear old blocks I’d been harbouring for years. She is talented, compassionate and insightful, and she patiently answered my gazillion questions. Her beautiful nature shines through in her work, and I left the session feeling so much more free. Thank you, Shelly - I am so grateful!


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